What are Anchor Marine Fenders?


Boat fenders are used to protect the watercraft from damages when it is mooring. The fenders take in the kinetic energy of the watercraft and in addition provide protection for the berthing structure. Most bumpers which are used nowadays are portable and they are often placed over the side of the watercraft when it is approaching a dock or another area for mooring. They could be used for virtually any sort of watercraft and it's advised that at least a few fenders are used. There's no maximum quantity of fenders you can use but the owner of the boat is going to be restricted by the amount of space they have around the outside of the watercraft along with the space for storage inside.

Anchor Marine has been producing bumpers for over 50 years and all of their items are manufactured in the United Kingdom. The products are widely used by those who sail boats for pleasure but they also extremely popular with commercial customers too. This manufacturer is recognised in the industry for the premium quality of goods which they create. The vinyl fabric which is used to manufacture their fenders was created with the assistance of research chemists and it has elastic qualities that protect them from bursting. A branding service is provided for commercial clients that can be used to showcase the emblem of the company on the fender.

A selection of various colours is available for the bumpers. Blue and white are the most common choices, but they can be found in burgundy and black. The colour that is chosen will depend on the preference of the owner. If more than one fender is needed, which will likely be the case, the same colour can be chosen or they can pick a number of colours to spice up the appearance of the boat. This kind of design might work best on watercraft that offer rides to the public like river ferry boats. The bumpers are shielded from UV damage so no matter which colour is picked, the watercraft owner can be certain that the colours will not fade. There's lots of fenders that can be found listed here.

All bumpers are screened in tough environments to ensure that they offer the top level of protection for the watercraft and will withstand the elements. The special marine vinyl fabric which is used to make the bumpers delivers a better resistance against bursting and they're also protected against abrasion with specific thimbles preventing damage to the eye. The eyes are reinforced for more durability. To make sure that the bumpers are able to be utilized for a long period of time, they're immune to UV damage and are weather stabilised. These bumpers are able to withstand the demanding conditions that are sometimes encountered when sailing and are actually seen as a good investment by any boat owner.


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